Real-Time On-Shelf Inventory Monitoring System
features & FUNCTIONS
Poggi Data Shelf
Instant Data Generation.
Real-time Data Transmission.
Scalable Network across Multiple Stores.
Integration with Advanced AI.
Integration with Software Systems, Apps, and Edge/Cloud Databases.
Broad Compatibility with Other Platforms.
Accessibility via Public and Private APIs for Developers.
IoT via Plug-and-Play and PoE Interfaces.
Stability at Extreme Temperatures.
Fronts Merchandise via Gravity-Feed Roller Tracks.
A centralized and cloud based Real-time On-shelf inventory monitoring system
How to install
How it works
Poggi - How it works data flow
How it works data flow
Core unit
The Poggi Data Shelf is a core unit of a system capable of coordinating merchandise demands, operating real-time inventory management, enhancing customer engagement, and providing valuable business insights.
The Data Shelf refers to the hardware and software infrastructure used for storing and organizing data generated by IoT sensors which are embedded in each Data Shelf.
IoT (Internet-of-Things)
The integration of Data Shelf, IoT and cloud computing represents a comprehensive approach to managing and utilizing data in modern technology systems.
Intelligent shelf systems
In summary, intelligent shelf systems offer a multifaceted solution to modern retail challenges and create a new technological environment in the retail industry.
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